Recorder Pro is the most powerful and cost-effective audio recording application @ app store

that allows you to record voice memos, conversations, music, lectures and whatever else you want to record.

Using this app, you can record with high quality to get an advanced recording experience.


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Recorder Pro Application stuffed with a complete range of dynamic and magnificent features to provide lots of advantages!

standard for iphone
standard for blackberry
Quality Recording
wav, caf   m4a
wav, m4a & awb
Format Support
Easy-to-use UI
Secure files
Coming Soon
Update Available

Give a quick glance on our Recorder Pro application’s Video that gives you complete idea about our application and its benefits!!


Scroll your eyes on our Users’ Experience

Does exactly what it promised! Great playback & sound quality. LOVE THIS APP!!!! I deleted all other voice recording Apps. No need for them anymore!!!! Thanks Perception System
Ok I usually use a re 20. Mic and my akg 249 well it happened that I bought a new audio interface a Motu 896 hybrid unfortunately I had to upgrade.
Amani Smith

What is the maximum size of file, we can attach with e-mail & how?

You can attach file size upto 40 MB.

iOS - Just swipe your finger across a file and tap email button or click edit button on top right -> select multiple files -> tap email button at bottom bar.

Z10 - Long press on a file and click email button on side bar.

Does it record different quality audio?

iOS - Yes

Z10 - Coming Soon

How to transfer files using wi-fi (iOS only)?

Make sure you are connected to a wi-fi network, click on downloads tab at bottom left -> Wi-Fi sharing, type the generated address in your computer browser.

How to copy/move files to another folder?

iOS - Click on “edit” button at top right -> select files -> tap copy/move at bottom.

Z10 - Long press on a file and select options to copy or move from sidebar.

How to download files from cloud storage?(iOS only)

Click on downloads tab at bottom left -> Cloud Storages -> Dropbox or Box.Net.

What are the file types supported in this apps?

1. Wav (iOS & Z10)
2. M4a (iOS & Z10)
3. Caf (iOS)
4. Awb (Z10)

What more i can do with Recorder pro?

You can organize and keep your memos secured in Recorder Pro. Moreover, you can compress large memos and share easily.

How do i delete a file?

iOS - Swipe your finger left-to-right over the File that you want to remove,''Remove button'' will appear,Tap the “Remove button”.

Z10- Long press on a file and tap thrash button to delete file/folder permanently.


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  • FixedDropBox login fixed
  • NewReduced size of recording
  • NewSlide menu added
  • NewUser interface enhancements & fixes